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“Spend everyday like a trip”

"DAY TRIPPER BACKPACK S" is a 16 liter capacity backpack that can store and carry all the luggage you need to make your daily travels more comfortable.

The soft case specification with the built in urethane foam through the entire body protects the contents and prevents it from losing its’ shape.

You can safely and efficiently store and transport laptop PCs, tablets and their peripheral devices.

Functional inner and outer pockets allow for optimal luggage sorting and easy access.

“Recycled material that reduces environmental load”

The exterior of the main body uses 100% recycled nylon newly developed by the CORDURA® brand. As a material for bag products, it has excellent water repellency and light weight as well as strength and durability, and by adopting a material manufactured by a manufacturing method that reduces environmental load, it has a functional aspect that is more than sufficient for daily use and is environmentally friendly. It provides an opportunity for awareness.

“Antiviral / antibacterial processing to maintain a clean environment”

In addition, lightweight rip proof nylon, which is also 100% recycled, is used for the interior of the main body. Adding on, the inside of the bag is kept clean by adding antiviral and antibacterial processing for fibers called "HEIQ VIROBLOCK™" developed by Swiss innovative technology.

The Travel Supply series proposes items that embody "practical casualness" while focusing on the functional aspects necessary for comfortable movement.

Product number ANM-TS01-ECO
Color O.D.
Size Width: 28cm / Height: 40cm / Depth: 14cm
Capacity 16 Liter
Weight 500g
Origin Japan
  • ・Soft case (built-in urethane foam on the entire surface) making it hard to lose its’ shape.
  • ・Large opening that provides capacity of 16 liters and ease of packing for comfortable movement of the daily activities.
  • ・Built-in sleeve pocket for laptop PC compatible with 16 inches (MacBook Pro standard).
  • ・Built-in organizer pocket for functional sorting of small items in the main compartment.
  • ・2 side zipper pockets accessible while carrying the bag.
  • ・Mobile devices and batteries can be connected inside through the use of the hole of the side zipper pocket.
  • ・Mobile devices up to 8 inches can be stored through the use of the side zipper pocket.
  • ・"Lightweight", "durability" and "water resistance" made possible by the main body materials "CORDURA® fabric" and YKK water sealing zippers.
  • ・By adopting 100% recycled high-performance nylon, we succeeded in reducing the environmental impact without sacrificing functionality.
  • ・Shoulder harness and 500g total weight for comfort while carrying the bag.
Exterior CORDURA® ECO 100% recycled nylon (water repellent)
Interior VIROBLOCK™ 100% recycled nylon (Anti-virus / anti-bacterial processing)
【CORDURA® ECO 100% Recycled Nylon】
CORDURA® ECO 100% Recycled Nylon is made by recovering and recycling discarded manufacturing waste from factories. It is attracting attention as it is a material that reduces the environmental damage on the atmosphere and water quality by controlling "consumption of energy raw materials", "waste" and "toxic gas when incinerated". Inaddition to the strength and durability that CORDURA® brand materials boast, it is a high-performance nylon material that has excellent water repellency and lightness.
【HEIQ VIROBLOCK™ 100% recycled nylo】
HEIQ VIROBLOCK is an antiviral and antibacterial treatment for textiles developed by Swiss innovative technology. It not only reduces the number of specific viruses on the fiber, but also keeps the surface of the material clean by suppressing the growth of specific bacteria. In addition, the lightweight ripstop nylon, which is the base fabric, is manufactured by collecting and recycling the manufacturing waste discarded from the factory. It is attracting attention as a material that suppresses "consumption of energy raw materials," "waste," and "toxic gas during incineration," and reduces the environmental burden on the atmosphere and water quality.
●Antiviral processing does not suppress the action of viruses.
●Antiviral processing is not intended to treat or prevent illness.
●This processing does not guarantee that it will be effective against all viruses and bacteria.
【Caution for product care】
If the surface of the fabric gets dirty, wipe it off immediately. If left unattended, dirt will adhere and the original water repellent performance will be reduced.If the dirt adheres, lightly rub the surface of the fabric with water or neutral detergent to remove it. If you use a neutral detergent, remove it by dabbing it with a damp cloth so that no detergent remains. If detergent remains, it tends to attract moisture, which may reduce water repellency and stain resistance.This product does not guarantee that the product is completely waterproof or antifouling depending on the usage and conditions.

Size M | This image is an example.
An ideal medium size bag with the capacity of 11 to 20 liters for daily use.



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