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collaboration with 豊岡鞄®

【beruf baggage】
collaboration with 豊岡鞄®

PRICE 39,600円
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"URBAN COMMUTER BACKPACK 2" is a middle-sized business backpack designed for urban commuters.

It has both a clean appearance that goes with many outfits and functionality that supports the business scene more comfortably.

A high-end item that combines functionality that makes traveling time comfortable while carrying it, functionality that efficiently stores the business tools necessary for the best presentation, and smart visuals that are directly linked to the best performance.

In collaboration with a local brand “豊岡鞄® TOYOOKA Bags”, which is a regional property of “Toyooka, the city of bags” who has a thousand years of history and tradition as a bag production area, we propose a new standard of a combination of innovative design and reliable technology.

Product number brf-UC06-HA
Size Width: 30cm / Height: 46cm / Depth: 15cm
Capacity 18 Liter
Weight 1,050g
Origin Japan
  • ・2WAY specifications that can be carried on your back or handheld.
  • ・Side pocket for flasks, water bottles and foldable umbrellas.
  • ・2 side zipper pockets accessible while carrying the bag.
  • ・Mobile devices and batteries can be connected inside through the use of the hole of the side zipper pocket.
  • ・Mobile devices up to 8 inches can be stored through the use of the side zipper pocket.
  • ・Detachable built in panel for device storage.
  • ・The built-in panel can store laptops / tablet devices up to 16 inches / various cables / mobile batteries / pocket WiFi / memo pads / pens, etc.
  • ・Security pocket located behind the cushion pad on the back panel (only on bottom).
  • ・Strap located in the middle of the back panel to attach to hdle of a suitcases.
  • ・Shoulder harness that uses thick urethane foam and curved along the body.
  • ・Size that can be carried on airplanes regardless of domestic or international flights.
  • ・"Lightweight", "durability" and "water resistance" made possible by the main body materials "CORDURA® Ballistic Hollofil AIR™ Nylon" and YKK water sealing zippers.
  • ・Adjustable strap
  • ・Inner pocket: 12(including organizing panel), Pen holder: 1, Outer zipper pocket: 3, outer open pocket: 2
Exterior CORDURA® Ballistic Hollfil AIR™ Nylon(hollow fiber,strong water repellency)
cowhide parts
Interior Nylon (Teflon® processing)
【CORDURA® Ballistic Hollofil AIR™】
Even among the CORDURA® fabrics that are resistant to abrasion, tearing and fraying, and provide excellent durability for everyday use, CORDURA® Ballistic Nylon is particularly strong. In addition to being the MILspec (US Military Standard ) nylon, a different weave than the usual nylon fabric is used in order to strengthen it. The new material Hollofil AIR™ is woven with 1680 denier and 840 denier hollow nylon yarn, creating an excellent, well built and lightweight material.
【Caution for product care】
If the surface of the fabric gets dirty, wipe it off immediately. If left unattended, dirt will adhere and the original water repellent performance will be reduced.If the dirt adheres, lightly rub the surface of the fabric with water or neutral detergent to remove it. If you use a neutral detergent, remove it by dabbing it with a damp cloth so that no detergent remains. If detergent remains, it tends to attract moisture, which may reduce water repellency and stain resistance.This product does not guarantee that the product is completely waterproof or antifouling depending on the usage and conditions.

Size M | This image is an example.
An ideal medium size bag with the capacity of 11 to 20 liters for daily use.



A full lineup of ANONYM CRAFTSMAN DESIGN and beruf baggage items are available at the directly managed store "1197STORE", which operates in the back alleys of Yoyogi Tokyo Japan. The store is on the 1st floor and our office is on the 2nd floor, so staff with a wealth of product knowledge will easy to help your shopping.

ADDRESS:1-19-7 Yoyogi Tokyo Japan
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