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PRICE 39,600円
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"NOMAD 30+" is a rolltop type backpack designed to efficiently carry out missions while moving between multiple locations.


30 (+4) Liter capacity enough to store tools required for various patterns of missions, a variety of intuitive pockets, aclean appearance that can be easily coordinated, and a special back panel that reduces load when worn. These comfortable and functional elements update the long-seller for over 10 years "STROLL BACKPACK", to a more modern backpack.

Despite the fact if you are on your day off or not, the continuous pursuit of the comfortable and functional design of the CF series allows for this bag to perform excellently as a working bag in a business scene filled with some nerves, or even as a cycling bag for when you go cycling on the weekend with your friends. Which all allows for a lifestyle as a cyclist surrounded by bikes.

With “BIKE TO WORK'' as the keyword, we would like to suggest the beruf baggage’s cycle bag filled with originality that draws a line from the stereotypes on images of business bags and sports bags.

Product name NOMAD 30+
Product number brf-CF34-DR
Color NAVY
Size Width: 30cm / Height: 50cm, 70cm / Depth: 20cm
Capacity 30(+4)Liter
Weight 1,500g
Origin Japan
  • ・Opening/closing zippers on the front pocket is a storage space for smaller objects and makes it a very efficient organizer.
  • ・Opening/closing rolltop’s main compartment has a large opening making it easy to move your luggage in and out and is flexible with the fluctuation in the amount of luggage.
  • ・Includes side zippers allowing access into the bag without opening the rolltop.
  • ・Side open pocket made with stretch mesh.
  • ・Accessibility while carrying the bag through the 2 side zipper pockets (Includes key hook on right side).
  • ・Take your mobile device in and out and charge without exposing the cables while on the move.
  • ・Computer storage compatibility : equivalent to 16 inches.
  • ・Paper document storage compatibility : equivalent to A3.
  • ・Unique shoulder harness with mounting structure that greatly reduces the load when worn.
  • ・Shoulder harness and back panel made of two different materials to achieve optimum hardness and resilience.
  • ・Fidlock® magnet parts to achieve both simplicity of strap of length adjustment and fixing of excess tape.
  • ・Security pocket located behind the cushion pad on the back panel (only on bottom).
  • ・A strap in the center of the back panel that can be attached to a suitcase.
  • ・"Lightweight", "durability" and "water resistance" made possible by the main body materials "DURON ™" and "CORDURA® fabric" and YKK water sealing zippers.
  • ・Size that can be carried on airplanes regardless of domestic or international flights.
Exterior DURON™ Special Polyurethane (water resistant)
CORDURA®fabric High Density Polyester (water resistant)
Interior Nylon (Teflon® processing)
【DURON™ Polyurethane】
Developed as a highly durable polyurethane material DURON™ boasts immense strength and hydrolysis resistance compared to general polyurethane materials. The matte, and rubber-like surface is scratch-resistance and has high water resistance. This new environmentally friendly material is manufactured with 95% reduction in harmful solvents and it is also attracting attention.
【CORDURA® fabric High Density Polyester】
Even among the CORDURA® fabrics that are resistant to abrasion, tearing and fraying, and provide excellent durability for everyday use, CORDURA® fabrics high density polyester has excellent strength. It is a functional material that has achieved sufficient strength while maintaining lightness and suppleness by driving in 305 denier polyester yarn with the highest density. Beruf baggage products use high-spec material that has high water resistance in addition to the original strength of the material by applying a water repellent finish on the front surface of this material and a PVC coat on the back surface.
【Caution for product care】
If the surface of the fabric gets dirty, wipe it off immediately. If left unattended, dirt will adhere and the original water repellent performance will be reduced.If the dirt adheres, lightly rub the surface of the fabric with water or neutral detergent to remove it. If you use a neutral detergent, remove it by dabbing it with a damp cloth so that no detergent remains. If detergent remains, it tends to attract moisture, which may reduce water repellency and stain resistance.This product does not guarantee that the product is completely waterproof or antifouling depending on the usage and conditions.

Size XL | This image is an example.
Big size of 31 liters or more, ideal for all occasions such as travel, business and activities.



A full lineup of ANONYM CRAFTSMAN DESIGN and beruf baggage items are available at the directly managed store "1197STORE", which operates in the back alleys of Yoyogi Tokyo Japan. The store is on the 1st floor and our office is on the 2nd floor, so staff with a wealth of product knowledge will easy to help your shopping.

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