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collaboration with halo commodity®

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collaboration with halo commodity®

PRICE 12,100円
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"FOLD HAT" is a packable hat that features a flowing form and a deep fit.

"Simple travel hat"

This is a simple hat with a flat top crown (top of the head) and a brim from the side crown (temporal area).

A removable chin strap is included, and you can adjust the fit when wearing it in conjunction with the size adjustment spindle attached to the back of the head. The size adjustment spindle also serves as a strap to hold the hat body together when folded for storage.

The outer material is made of ripstop 2-way stretch material using CORDURA®fabric nylon thread, which has excellent abrasion resistance. It is a highly functional material that has excellent tear strength, stretch properties, water repellency, and is washable.

The lining that comes into direct contact with the skin not only absorbs water and dries quickly, but also has antibacterial, deodorizing, and antibacterial functions thanks to its silver ion coating.

In addition to these functions, the sweat tape also has a series of functions such as sweat detection, moisture absorption heat generation, and moisture release cooling. It also has a pH control function where the fibers maintain the same slightly acidic range as healthy skin, greatly reducing skin irritation when worn.

“Commitment to a beautiful silhouette”

The deep panel shape from the side crown to the integrated brim and the soft wire at the brim edge (tip of the brim) maintain a beautiful silhouette when worn, while the included chinstrap and size adjuster function on the body provide an excellent fit.

“halo commodity®”

A high-performance travel hat that meets new standards and was jointly developed with INSPEC LINE, which pursues details and functions in every detail as a high-spec line of the Japanese brand "halo commodity®" suited with the concept of an "Awesome daily cap”.

Product name FOLD HAT
Product number brf-GR27
Color SAND
Size FREE|56 〜 60cm(adjustable)
Origin Japan
  • ・Outer material with excellent wear resistance, stretchability, and water repellency.
  • ・The lining has the functions of "moisture absorption and quick drying", "antibacterial, deodorizing and antibacterial", "thermal circulation" and "pH control" functions.
  • ・Size adjustment function with size adjuster and removable chin strap to reduce stress when wearing.
  • ・Soft, comfortable fit and silhouette retention performance.
  • ・Functionality suitable for outdoor activities.
  • ・Portability suitable for a travel hat.
  • ・Beautiful form that does not compromise fashion.
88% nylon | 12% polyurethane
(Abrasion resistance, stretchability, water repellency)
Interior 100% Polyester
(Water absorption and quick drying, antibacterial and deodorizing, antibacterial, heat circulation, pH control)
2-way stretch nylon using CORDURA®fabric nylon thread, which is resistant to abrasion, tearing, and fraying, and provides excellent durability and sustainability for everyday use. The ripstop design provides excellent tear strength, and the water-repellent surface repels water and dirt. Also, as an easy care material, it can be washed completely (hand wash recommended).



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